Fixed Deposits

What are Fixed Deposits ?

The account which is opened for a particular fixed period by depositing a particular amount is known as Fixed Deposit. Fixed Deposit will often used by individuals /firms for storing their money for a fixed period of time for their future use. Bank will provides investors with a higher rate of interest than a SB account until the maturity date. The period of fixed deposits range between 15 days to 10 years. If a customer wants to close the deposit before the maturity date ,the bank will charge 1% penal interest.

How do I start fixed Deposit with TUCB ?

Filled opening form along with two passport size photo, copy of voters identity card or ADHAR ,PAN card must be submitted to concerned branch manager. Opening form will be available from our branches.

Interest Rates
DurationInterest Rate for Common Citizen (with effect date 1/07/2020)Interest Rate for Senior Citizen(with effect date 1/07/2020)
7 days to 45 days2.90%3.40%
46 days to 179 days3.90%4.40%
180 days to below 1 year4.40%4.90%
1 year to below 2 year5.00%5.50%
2 year to below 3 year5.10%5.60%
3 year to below 5 year5.30%5.80%
5 year to 10 year5.40%6.20%
For Savings Bank Deposits2.70%

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